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General & Reference Labs

Often times, physicians and hospitals would like to offer testing & toxicology services through their facility but don’t want the headache of managing equipment or overhead costs associated with running a laboratory internally. To solve this issue, a physician or hospital can set up a national reference laboratory on-location by partnering with Principle Laboratory to contract out all of their testing needs. By partnering with us, a reference lab can effectively offer our entire portfolio of testing services to its patients.

Custom Branded (Private Label) Portal & Testing Supplies

To make the process easier, we offer private label requisition forms and a custom branded online portal for your clients to view results. To your customers, it will look like your lab was performing all of the testing in-house!

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Multiple Diagnostic Testing Services Available

Many smaller labs only offer toxicology performed on an analyzer. We are able to offer toxicology performed on HPLC-MS/MS (high-performance liquid chromatography with tandem mass spectrometry) as well as Urine Toxicology, Oral Fluid Toxicology, Wellness Panels, Blood Chemistry & Hematology Testing, and more services for reduced “pass-through” rates.

Generate Additional Revenue By Expanding Your Test Menu

Our national reference lab service allows on-premise labs to offer a larger variety of testing through “sendout” partnerships and lab-to-lab agreements. We work behind the scenes as a silent partner with you exclusively and do not communicate with your customers unless requested to do so by you.

All-In-One Convenience: Use One Lab For All Testing

We make it easier on you by allowing you to submit a variety of specimens for testing through a single channel rather than having to send your customers to multiple labs. We can assist you in giving your consumers the impression that you are a “one-stop shop” for all testing.

Think of us as your all-inclusive partner for wholesale lab testing. We offer our broad testing menu, great reliability, and quick turnaround time at a competitive rate to enhance your lab’s service. Call us today to speak with someone about reference lab testing.

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Principle Laboratory Can Provide You With An Array of Lab Tests, Fast Results, and a Customized Portal.