Diagnostic Testing For Nursing Home Patients

Nursing Home Testing

Nursing homes require accurate testing with a quick turn around time. Most testing performed by Principle Laboratory for nursing homes is performed and results available within 24 hours.

Do You Need STAT Testing?

We also offer STAT testing for those cases that require it. We make it very easy for the nursing home to get their labs back in a way they prefer. Many nursing labs have to be drawn early in the morning and available for review by the time the doctor is ready to see the patient that day. We work to ensure the lab results are in the chart on time as needed.

Our Mobile Phlebotomists Can Draw Blood On Location

Our experienced mobile phlebotomists come to your site at your preferred time and draw as many patients as you like. Specimens are then immediately brought to the lab for processing in order to return results as quickly as possible. Our phlebotomists are experienced with the geriatric population to ensure the draw process is pain free for your patients. We understand how important it is to make the patients feel comfortable when drawing their blood.

When Time Is Of The Essence, Count on Us For Fast Results

Multiple Diagnostic Testing Services Available

We are able to offer Wellness Panels, Blood Chemistry / Hematology Testing, and more services.

All-In-One Convenience: Use One Lab For All Testing

We make it easier on you by allowing you to submit a variety of specimens for testing through a single channel rather than having to send your customers to multiple labs. We can assist you in giving your patients the impression that you are a “one-stop-shop” for all testing.

Reference Partnership Options Available

Oftentimes, physicians and hospitals would like to offer testing & toxicology services through their facility but don’t want the headache of managing equipment or overhead costs associated with running a laboratory internally. To solve this issue, a physician or hospital can set up a reference laboratory on-location by partnering with Principle Laboratory to contract out all of their testing needs. By partnering with us, a reference lab can effectively offer our entire portfolio of testing services to its patients.

Generate Additional Revenue By Expanding Your Test Menu

Our reference service allows on-premise labs to offer a larger variety of testing. We work behind the scenes as a silent partner with you exclusively and do not communicate with your customers unless requested to do so by you.

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Want Quick & Reliable Diagnostic Lab Testing Services?

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